The DE1+ Pro by Decent- First look

The ultimate coffee enthusiast dream espresso machine is finally out and here’s my thoughts after one week with it.

Back in 2016 coffee guru Scott Rao mentioned to me that he was working on what was going to be the ultimate espresso machine. After hearing about it, I went to the Decent espresso website and ordered myself a DE1+ Pro and have been waiting for it to come out ever since. Now after 2 years of waiting, the long wait is over and I have finally gotten my hand on the Decent Espresso Machine. I must say it’s pretty impressive as it delivers on it promises.

The machine arrived via DHL and it came packed in a very nice suit case, setup was easy and took only a few minutes. I Follow the setup instructions on the link provided by Decent and I was pulling my first decent shot in minutes. I did have some minor issues getting the right angle for the tablet while attaching it to the unit.

First shot I pulled was using the “best overall pressure profile” that was already pre-set in the app, and it was awesome.

After a few shots, I decided to update the app and the firmware. The firmware update takes a long time and when it’s done make sure that you turn your decent machine off for a few seconds and back on to apply the new firmware. The nice thing about an Adroid controlled machine is the Firmware and App can be easily updated evetime the developers find a bug or have a nice idea that could be implemented.

Next I tried steaming, and I must say that it was very easy to make professional level micro foam on the Decent. Perfect for pouring latte art.

After a few weeks with the machine, I’m really happy with it, I like that it runs on an android device and it gives you a graphical interface to adjust pressure, flow and even temperature.  The Decent DE1+ Pro is truly an amazing machine.

My current setup is a Eureka Atom Grinder ( I’ll be upgrading to a Ditting Peak soon), our very own Barsta’s Quest magnetic redistribution device, Skale Bluetooth scale and Decent’s knockbox.

My favorite features at a glance:

  • All the functions can be controlled via the Android Tablet
  • Graphical Interface
  • It’s compact
  • Flow, Pressure and Temperature are totally variable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comes with a suit case
  • Great customer support
  • Ceramic Water container and Drip tray
  • Recipes are sharable

Click Here to find out more about Decent Espresso machines


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