FSCE’s Open source post harvest protocols

Back in late 2018, our team from Henry and Sons (H&S), Foundation for sustainable coffee excellence (FSCE) and Institute for coffee excellence set to create open source post harvest methodologies to empower our Filipino coffee farmers to earn a better living without relying on large post harvest facilities and do away with traders and middle men. Our team was able to produce suitable protocols for the backyard coffee farmers, by using common everyday items and equipments. After applying FSCE's protocols farmers now can now earn 320 php / kg for their green coffees.

In order to conduct our experiments H&S purchased only ripe coffee cherries at a price of 120 PHP ( 2.40 USD) per kg, these coffees were separated by varietal, elevation and farmer. Through our experiment, we have found that the green bean yield per kg of cherry is 17-20%. We were also able to determine that natural process is more suitable to the Itogon area as they have a shortage of water. We have simplified the process and it is now freely downloadable by filling in the form below.

After the long wait and internal and external verification process our team has finally unveiled and shared our experimental coffees to the Philippine public On June 22, 2019 The Flavors of Itogon: A Coffee Tasting & Brunch Event. 8 of the best tasting Itogon coffees was featured.

Our team has also created a FB Group that would act as an idea sharing and support forum for all the people involved in the coffee value chain.

To download the open source protocols please fill in the form below

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