Improving Philippine coffee through open source post harvest Methodologies and Protocols

Mr Raoul De Peralta Chief Educator at The Institute of Coffee Excellence teaching Itogon farmers proper Honey Process Protocols

The Foundation for sustainable Coffee Excellence’s (FSCE) Cup to seed fulfilled it’s the promise of of elevating the lives of Benguet coffee farmers through empowerment and knowledge exchange.

On November 2018, our team of educators and visionaries set out to run multiple post harvest experiments in order to create and publish post harvest protocols that would be made open source to the public. Though these experiments, FSCE was able to develop open source post harvest processing techniques that are easy and simple for farmers to adopt.

These methods can be done in the backyards of coffee farmers thus empowering them to be able to process their own coffees while enhancing the cup quality of the coffee so they may earn a higher fee for their coffees.

During this visit FSCE in partnership with 7-11 Philippines donated 20 Pulpers, 30 Drying beds and 2 De-hullers to the coffee community of Itogon and La Trinidad.

FSCE and ICE will be hosting an open house Itogon cupping session for featuring the experimental coffee’s that was produced during the 2018/2019 season. in line with this we will be celebrating the inauguration on the Institute for coffee excellence’s Co- Roasting and working space this coming May 3 2019.

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