First look: EG-1 Electric Grinder V2 by LynWebber


Lyn Webber a company based in Japan, really does make some of the sexiest machines in the coffee industry and the with the EG-1 V2 they have definitely made the sexiest in the realm of grinders.

We’ve owned and tested many grinders and this is by far the most design and tech centric grinder that we’ve encountered. Not only does the EG-1 have variable speed control and zero ground retention… it’s got magnets! lots of magnets!! and we love magnets!! The burrs of the EG-1 v2 is hole-less and are held in place with magnets which makes alignment and cleaning very easy. The machine comes with LynWebber’s Blind shaker and I’m a huge believer in redistribution tool ( one of my favourite barista tools). I also like the rail system that the EG-1 has for holding up your portafilter or blind shaker for you while you grind.

According to Lyn Webber the EG-1 v2 is made for both pour over and espresso style preparations, I’ve tried the machine for both espresso and filter and changing from espresso to filter is really really easy since there’s almost no grind retention in the grinder.

Things we liked:

  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to clean, align and change burrs
  • Love the Magnets
  • Zero retention
  • Variable grinding speed
  • Rail system

Stuff they can Improve

  • Using magnets to hold the parts together is nice, but the magnets that hold it together can slips out of it place.
  • Even if the EG-1 is zero retention, grounds do fly around and it can sometimes get messy

The LynWebber is available to purchase here:

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