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Being a barista is more than just a profession. Especially when the reason you make coffee is to help others appreciate the craft.



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Who we are

Behind Baristas Quest is a team of coffee enthusiasts, trailblazers, and content creators led by Coffee Explorer, Innovator, and Social Entrepreneur Michael Harris.


"What most people know about me is that I am a social entrepreneur, national barista champion and a coffee roaster by trade - and that my passion for the art of preparing a great cup of coffee knows no bounds. I realized that at the core of my expertise is a calling, a dream of making local coffee farming more sustainable. From then on, I made sure that all my endeavors are done...

for the love of coffee & advancing its industry."


Our Approach

Our Story

Did you know?

Every year the Philippines spends P7 billion to import coffee simply because local coffee production is unable to meet the national consumption. Some blame it on low production, some on noncompetitive pricing. We chose to look at it as a missed opportunity. Because our country does hold potential, considering we were once a major producer in Asia, exporting as much as $100 million worth of coffee beans annually. Phlippines is one of the few lucky countries that produce and consume coffee, it is our belief that by working together with coffee farmers and baristas we can shift consumer preferences to specialty coffee, thus brining more income across the coffee value chain.

The challenge

With each year, the number of farmers in Benguet who see coffee as a viable means to a living dwindles down. Add to that a set of grave reasons besetting their livelihood and you can really see why we got left behind.

The vision

A beautiful coffee future where farmers, baristas, coffee professionals and consumers all work towards a future where we have food and coffee security for the Phlippines.

Get involved

Give your support to a foundation dedicated to creating a better more sustainable local coffee industry. The Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence (FSCE) is all about providing livelihood necessities to coffee farmers--and it could sure use all the help it can get.